Making love with his ego

I have a webcomic!
Here is a promo picture for chapter 2 I did, even though chapter 2 Is long ways off..


But boy could he play guitar

Monster design for a game I'm working on(and as always, with all these pictures, click to fullview!)
The main character
I felt like drawing a curvy witch lady!
I asked friends on tumblr to suggest characters for me to genderbend, I feel like coming up with a well thought out design for a male counterpart is good practice!

I'm also very addicted to doing adoptables, basically designs for people to adopt for a small price! these are animal based, and are hopefully representative of the country or continent the animals are native to.
And these are horror movie based adoptables! Dr Belljar is a take on The Fly, Black Ghost is your run of the mil Japanese ghost, Zombette is.. well, most of the others are self explanatory!


He took it all too far

Here's a dump of what i've been up to, I haven't posted here in forever!

Designs for Yume Nikki stickers

Picture above and the two below are designs for dresses based on things like bugs and mushrooms.


He was the nazz, with god given ass

humanoid skeleton princess from adventure time

Drawn while using a colour scheme found on colourlovers.

Please full view these if you don't mind..

Lately I've actually been having a good time! It's weird. My ego is back and forth though. I have projects to work on, which is nice, and it makes me feel good that people desire my thoughts and input on things, as well as my drawings, but I still keep worrying too much on flaws and I ended up delaying a few things. But I'm over it now. Being part of a team means I can show them my work and they can tell me what to fix. I need a better opinion than my own because I tend to hate everything I do until I stop looking at it for a week or two.


The kids were just crass..

Please click to full view all images I AM PROUD OF THESE.


Jiving us that we were voodoo

I feel this one needs explaining a bit.. It seems like a dirty thing to many to like Japanese anything.
But believe it or not, I grew up with a lot of anime because my mother is an artist and was always buying these "pretty movies" and shows for me to watch. A famous restaurant in our area is owned by friends of the family, and they'd always be telling me stories about the decorations, we were always going there to eat. Yakitori, Sushi, Teriyaki Salmon bento, and Yakiudon are like Mac n Cheese for me. When I got older I learned more, and it just became more fascinating. I don't think I'll ever stop liking it, because it means too much to me now..
I dont think this makes me an Otaku or whatever. I dont really like a whole bunch of anime anymore.


Ziggy played for time

Click to fullview plz
aaand here is how i did it: